From the South Carolina Film Commission's 2015 P.A. Boot Camp

Nov. 11-12, 2017
Trident Technical College, Building 950, Room 251
7000 Rivers Avenue
North Charleston, SC29406

The South Carolina Film Commission and Trident Technical College will hold a two-day P.A. Boot Camp on Nov. 11-12, at the Media Arts Building (950), Room 251 on Trident Tech's North Charleston campus.  Jody Brockway, a veteran of the production industry, will lead the workshop with a crew of highly-experienced set Production Assistants.  Topics will be introduced through discussion and hands-on training, including all production paperwork, radio training, set protocol, how the A.D. team functions, and gear & supplies. The seminar will also discuss how best to prepare a resume and how to find P.A. positions.  (View more stills from the 2015 P.A. Boot Camp here.)

The workshop is free and open to South Carolina residents age 18 and older.  Space is limited and registration is required.    

Walkie training at the 2015 P.A. Boot Camp.

Registrations opening soon.  Contact Sarah Fralin at sarah@indiegrants.org for more information.

*NOTE: We ask that only individuals who are serious about seeking employment as a Production Assistant participate. Also, this is a 2-day workshop -- we ask that only individuals who can commit to attending BOTH Saturday and Sunday sessions register, once registrations open.*

As part of its training and professional development efforts, the South Carolina Film Commission presents a series of production seminars each year.  All workshops are provided to South Carolina residents at no charge and on a regular basis by action of the S.C. Motion Picture Incentive Act, passed by the state legislature in 2004.  Click here to join our email list for announcements and registration links for upcoming seminars.