The 2016 INDIE GRANTS short films screened as a work-in-progress event at the 2017 Beaufort International Film Festival, Feb. 18, in Beaufort, SC.  This preview was an opportunity for South Carolina audiences to see the shorts before they take on the international film festival circuit, and for South Carolina filmmakers of all stripes to speak with the filmmakers and representatives of the programs.    

Also screened at the program were the winners from the 2016 S.C. Young Filmmakers Project.

The Indie Grants shorts that screened were:

PILGRIMS (Work-in-Progress)                                                                                                          
Written and Produced by Brad Land (Conway, SC) and Cory Howard                                        
Directed by Jonathan Guggenheim (Greenville, SC)                                                                  
Set in the punk scene of Greenville, SC, in the 1980's, 16-year-old Terry Webber struggles to navigate a new reality after a tragedy involving his girlfriend.

ISLE OF PALMS (Work-in-Progress)                                                                                                
Written by Joe Worthen (Greenville, SC)                                                                                        
Directed by John Barnhardt (Charleston, SC)  
A young man is sent on a sun-washed quest to track down the mysterious molly dealer Hugo Bereft.

UNDER BELLY UP (Experimental Documentary) - 4-minutes
Written & Directed by Josh Yates (Columbia SC)
Collaboration between the Nickelodeon Theater & Indie Grants
A reflexive audiovisual threnody inspired by the individual and collective trauma stemming from 2015's devastating flood event.  Home movie and traditional media coverage are distorted through analog modulation and 16mm hand-processing techniques, paired alongside improvisational dialogue inspired by oral histories conducted by the filmmaker. 

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Isle of Palms director John Barnhardt with actor Terry Serpico (Army Wives, Donnie Brasco).

Gwydion Lashlee-Walton and Sabri Irizarry in Pilgrims.